Family comes first

In 2013 and 2015 we welcomed our two babies Dexter and Avery. Since having our own family we have also become more aware of the needs of the parents in our community. We became working parents overnight and suddenly realised that there’s a whole new world of challenges out there!

We looked at our opening hours and extended them. We encourage children in and offer free first haircuts for children. They get treated like royalty and have a certificate and a lock of hair at the end of it. We find that that coverts the mummies and daddies into guests. We are also breastfeeding friendly so invite guests to stop in if baby needs a feed or a nappy change to use our facilities, no charge. They will get a cup of tea and a cake and a well earned rest. Children are welcome at appointments too, we have a toys for them to play with and books.

Emma is lucky enough to judge for the Bexhill Carnival Court. We then offer our services for free to the queens and princesses for all their events and duties. It’s always fun on carnival day, which is always a busy Saturday, but we save space for this event. Its another opportunity to meet new families in our community.

In the spirit of family, one of our most memorable events in 2016 was in support of Great Ormond street hospital. We held a Daddy Daughter Day. We were inundated with amazing dads, step dads, uncles and grandads who bought their little princesses in for a day of pampering. The difference was the dads were doing all the treatments. This wonderful group of men learnt manicure skills and hair-up. Everything from the shampooing, blow drying to buns and plaits and more! Everyone had a great time and you could see the bonding happening before your eyes.