Community Yoga

Another successful scheme we have put into place is our Community Yoga sessions. Health is very important to us. In the past we have, as a team trained for marathons, bike rides and other events. Olivia , our salon manager, had an interest in yoga and said she felt that if the team did a yoga session to start the day that they would be more productive.

Yoga lowers your stress and lifts your mood. By practising yoga you maintain a healthier weight, become more flexible and improve your muscle tone and strength and will find that your posture will greatly improve because of this. It was perfect for hairstylists! We ran with the idea and I reached out across a local woman’s business network and found a lovely yoga teacher. She agreed to swap her services for hairdressing services.

We had space for a few more participants so Community Yoga was born! We invite a group of people for example mums or sole traders, to come and take part in free exercise and relaxation classes. Theres no charge to the participants. We provide everything. The fitter and more happy our team are, the better it is for us. They are more productive, have less sick days and enjoy the extra opportunities they get.

This has resulted in a very positive impact on our business. We have seen a flurry of new guests as the classes bring in a range of new people. Corinne, the yoga teacher has also noticed an influx of enquiries and bookings for her services so she is extremely pleased about that. We are getting our community fitter one yoga session at a time.