Ongoing training and the development of our own unique techniques is what sets the team at Emma Hellier apart.

In 2015 We noticed a huge shift in what our guests wanted. Bold new balayage looks were dominating, ombrés were on fire and freehand contouring highlights were essential.

This meant a shake up in our service menu; we could no longer simply offer our guests half a head of highlights.

So….We invest in our team.

We developed our skills, we invested in higher quality products and we rocked the new techniques. We had to learn how to translate instagram fodder into realistic colour ideas whilst educating our guests on realistic expectations.

So how does it work?

You bring the idea and we decide the service, we also incorporate Goldwell bondpro+ and L’Oréal smart bond because “healthy hair is back in fashion” Plus we will always finish your hair to a high standard and include essential cutting.

Toners are sometimes needed, as well as multiple process steps, and don’t worry if you still feel like just a simple root tint, we’ve got you covered too.

Who shall I choose?

Consultant stylists are our top dogs – Stylists that have constantly shown a high level of work and have extra expertise in areas such as hair loss and scalp problems.

Senior stylists have earned their title from working hard – building up a great client base and updating their skills regularly. They keep ahead of the game. Due to high demand Consultant stylists and seniors are not available for any children’s services.

This brings us nicely onto our stylists – beautifully qualified they are working hard at their budding careers building up new guests and perfecting their crafts. Stylists have great fashion heads on them and always know the latest trends and how to achieve them.

We know that budgets vary, so we also adore our new talents. New talent appointments are not always available, as it’s a very small window of our teams career… they’ve finished all their studies, they’ve practiced till their fingers bled and now they want to get started.

They may take a little longer than a stylist so we ask you bear this in mind if you want to book. A Senior team members will always be available if they need guidance during the appointment.

But don’t just take the levels listed here, you can find out more in depth about each team member on our team page. Feel free to have a consultation with any of them to get the feel for them. It is such a personal choice.

The Colour Menu

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