Welcome, come in and relax.

Guests entering our salon, will be struck by the fashionable, modern, style but underneath it all beats a green heart focused on respecting ones body and our environment.

Natural mineral tones and decor compliment the salons environmentally-friendly ethos; a relaxing retreat from a busy lifestyle. Whilst clever uses of technology and modern luxuries ensure a greater experience.

Breath easy.

Guest will notice our ‘Clean Air’ Policy. Aerosols are never used in the salon, so no one gets exposed to that normal salon fog!

Speaking of fog, we are a totally ‘Smoke Free’ company. Smoking is not permitted in or around the building and guests are reminded that we cannot allow smoking during the course of their treatments. If you are worried please ask the length of your appointment before you book.


Part of our ongoing respect of our environment also includes support of those less fortunate than ourselves and forms a fundamental part of what we believe in; Emma, Matthew and the team can be seen taking part in charity events on a regular basis.