Room VIP – the exclusive private room usage

…a new luxury experience to indulge in.

We love our guests!

We try our best to move and flow in a way that suits you best. Over the last year we’ve been having lot of inquiries for a slightly different service.

We are fortunate to be a very busy salon, we have a fab team that, (if you’ve been here you know 😘) go above and beyond. We don’t have a receptionist for example meaning that they juggle dealing with phone calls, walk ins and other distractions.

Some people don’t like this. Some people have requested visiting on a quiet day, which again isn’t something we can plan or necessarily want. Some people like the quieter atmosphere, some people come to us for the bustling, busy, energetic salon floor. Now we are delighted to be able to offer both!

Last week we invited a handful of VIP guests to come and see the new VIP room. This week, they are lucky enough to be trying it out. Our books will be open soon to book this exclusive salon experience. We have two options available, with the view to adding more in the future as requested.

Why VIP?

For a cut and finish…

1 hour dedicated time with your stylist.
Complimentary hair treatment
Your choice of music, Yankee candle, drinks, entertainment.
Use of your own exclusive room including backwash.

For a colour service-

Up to 4 hours dedicated time with your stylist
Complimentary bonding treatments.
Your choice of music, Yankee candle, drinks, entertainment.
A delicious light lunch of your choosing
Time to chill in your room, you don’t even need to leave for the backwash.

Ask your stylist for more information, and maybe give it a try?

We hope this space provides a little bit of piece for those that prefer a more exclusive salon experience .