BD Club VIP Party

Just one of the many perks of joining our club- 

The VIP Christmas party is a highlight for us! It’s one of our exclusive events just for our EHBlowdry Club members’.

It’s all about letting our hair down, dressing festive, drinking bubble, eating cheese and enjoying the community we (and our members) have created in our Blowdry Club.

The core benefits to being a member and attending these night are:

  • Exclusive festive shopping offers 
  • Lots of bubbles and of course cheese and crackers! 
  • We held a mini raffle, and of course 
  • Our members get to be the first to make their Christmas wishes!

But we think we have created more than this; the blowdry club and our VIP nights aren’t really about exclusive offers – it’s not really about Blowdries – it’s about the club.

It’s about being part of a community.

We have always referred to our salon team as our EH”Family” – because that’s what they feel like to us, and the blowdry club members are an extension to that.

Since Christmas is about family – we make some time for ours.

So it was a pleasure to host our VIP Christmas Party again this year, where plenty of wine flowed, as did laughter, prizes won and presents given.

Thank you firstly to our EHfamily 
Olivia, Jody, Nina, Fern, Shannon-May, Callum, Emily and Ellie 
Not forgetting (Maria)

Thank you for being your sparkling selves tonight and hosting a fabulous party 🎉

You put your hearts into Emma Hellier and looking after your guests and you are fabulous!


Thank you to our Club Members. 

Some of you are new, some of you have been with us since the beginning, some of you dip in and out

But that’s just fine with us!

Every single one of you have helped build our club, you’ve helped us improve it, iron out the kinks, grow it, set rules, throw parties and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

You have enabled our family to grow and develop. 

You have recommended us to your friends, you have introduced us to your families. You have charmed us with your children and you have enriched our journey.

Raising a glass to you all

Thank you 

Emma and Matthew